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    Bar Toilet

    - by Rin

    Even though this alley is only 3 minutes walking from the National Garden of Shinjuku, it is so calm and small that one does not easily notice it.
    They were searching for a place around the business district.
    Such things as a bathtub or a Ryan McGinley picture are warmly lighted by oil lamps, in this lively and somewhat mysterious place.
    Even though naming a ‘Bar Toilet’ may not seem the best of choice, there is a logic behind it.
    “ WC is places where you can empty your head and zone out, where no matter how busy outside is, you can relax. And this is the feeling I want my customers to experience when entering this bar. ”
    Once or twice a week, `Toilet` holds piano live events and sometimes picture expositions where customers can relax and enjoy some art.
    Normally, this place is only meant to drink, but depending on the seasons, they also serve food.
    This time, it was grilled cheese and vegetables with a homemade Anchovy sauce, which saltiness balanced perfectly with the sweetness of the grilled vegetables.
    I asked “ What are your hopes for the future of this place? ”
    Bar staff told “ As we do not have any signboard outside, people that come to `Toilet` have almost all been introduced by friends, so I wish more people could come and enjoy a moment of relaxation. I want to go on providing this to more and more customers. “